Membership Directory 

How can I add my membership details

Please fill in the Membership registration form and once your attendance at Mfantsipim has been verified, your membership will be approved

How do I qualify to be a member

You have to be an alumni/old boy of Mfantsipim School

Do I qualify even if I did not stay long enough to complete my O Levels?

Yes, once you attended Mfantsipim, you qualify to be a member

Business Directory 

Can I add my business to this directory if I am not an alumni/old boy of Mfantsipim?

No, initially the business directory will be only for businesses owned by an alumni/old boy of Mfantsipim

How can I add my business to the directory

Once your account has been verified, please fill in the business registration form  when you login, your business will be vetted and approved


How can I get an advertisement space on this website?

Please navigate to the Contact Us page and call the contact number provided for advert enquiries