About MOBA Directory

The Mfantsipim Old Boys Association (MOBA) is based in Ghana but has active members globally.

By using this membership and business directory, it makes essential contact information open and available so that members can seamlessly contact one another.  Since MOBA encourages collaboration, a membership and business directory isn’t just helpful — it’s ESSENTIAL !!!

MOBA is an alumni association where networking and mentorship are encouraged among the member base.

Why You Should Join

  1. It Legitimizes our MOBA Association

Membership directories can help legitimize the group. They’re an instrument you can use to showcase strong membership, advertise membership levels, and tout standout members and their accomplishments.

  1. It Allows for Outreach Among Members

There are countless reasons why our members may want to connect with other members. For example, they may be looking for mentorship, assistance, or an opportunity to network.

  1. It’s a Benefit for Us

 Depending on how we structure our membership directory, it can be seen as a real benefit of membership. A member directory can serve as a tangible benefit because it grants access to a list of other members. In many circles, such as in professional networking environments or social groups, this information may be considered invaluable.

  1. Communications Hub

Besides serving as a communications hub, thus taking pressure off of our members to manage the exchange of contact information, member directories are a searchable tool that an association can use to segment groups, track membership status, and even target communications. Look at it as a complement to your personal contact information.